Personal Information:


  • We consider all bulk order as corporate
  • ndustrial heavy machinary recycling
  • IT E waste recycling
  • Any kind of office cleareance
  • Educational institutional scrap cleareance
  • Hotels and resturants


  • We olopie are startups and are trying to reach all right now we only take indiuivial home orders who can meet the certain requirement
  • Indiviuals who can sell a minimum scrap Rupees of 1000 can only be accpeted for pick up
  • This is a temporary criteria, as olopie grows this criteria will be removed and indiuival house pick ups will be made available.

Appartment colaboration

To fullfill indiviual small order we have started this service, we can arrange an event in your apparment and help you recycle. Our executive will get in touch with you and help you recycle.