Improper scraping of electronic goods such as laptops,TVs,washing machines causes harm to environment and increases carbon emission. Also, storing e-waste can be harmful and takes up your space. At Olopie, we can help you manage your e-waste/ solid scrap properly without harming the environment with our recycling service. We collect e-waste/ solid scrap at your doorstep and recycle it. Let us recycle and create a better environment for all.ice cleareance, we do it all, with ease start recycling and create a better environment for all.

Personal Information:


  • IT E-waste recycling
  • Industrial heavy machinary recycling
  • Bulk orders from companies
  • Any kind of office cleareance
  • Educational institutional scrap cleareance
  • Hotels and resturants


  • We are accepting individual pickups for the orders with minimum scrap of Rs.500.

Appartment colaboration

We are looking forward to collaborate with apartments/societies to help apartment collaboration them recycle the E-waste and solid waste. We can arrange recycling events or schedule a monthly pickup of the scrap For more details contact: 8884450121 / 8884450122